What would you do to spend one day with Jesus?


2 Chronicles 7:14

2 Chronicles 7:14 reads, If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

I am not sure about you but I see a lesson to learn here; that is, even the saved can lose their way. These days we see so many professed Christians saying how much they love Jesus but spend their days living for the world. There was a video a few years ago showing a young waitress crying in the back room after a group of so called Christians left church and went out to lunch. Because of a mistake on her part the man began to scream at the young lady.

I know there are many people out there that like to believe in the ‘once saved always saved’ theory but Jesus told us that if we are angry with our brother without a cause, we are just as bad as the murderer. If we are holding anger in our heart, how can we be like Christ? If we are to go to heaven then should we not strive to be like Him?

2 Chronicles 7:17-20 also speaks to Solomon directly, “As for you, if you walk before Me as your father David walked, and do according to all that I have commanded you, and if you keep My statutes and My judgments, then I will establish the throne of your kingdom, as I covenanted with David your father, saying, ‘You shall not fail to have a man as ruler in Israel.’ “But if you turn away and forsake My statutes and My commandments which I have set before you, and go and serve other gods, and worship them, then I will uproot them from My land which I have given them; and this house which I have sanctified for My name I will cast out of My sight, and will make it a proverb and a byword among all peoples.”

God has standards for each of us to follow and, yes, our actions affect others as well. Solomon’s disobedience resulted in Israel paying for His poor leadership. As for the Christians in the video they many have just cost this young girl her salvation by hardening her heart to God.

What we do and what we say does make a difference. Because of this we will have to answer for our actions on the Day of Judgment.

So the question today is “What are you willing to believe to spend one day with Jesus?” Are you willing to understand that even Christians will be held accountable for their actions? Or are you willing to believe that ‘once saved always saved?’ If this is true, then is Satan himself doomed? He once was saved.

God warned Solomon against the evil of apostasy and foretold of the awful results of sin. Just because we are Christians do not let Satan mislead you down the wrong path.

2 Chronicles 7:21, 22

“And as for this house, which is exalted, everyone who passes by it will be astonished and say, ‘Why has the Lord done thus to this land and this house?’ Then they will answer, ‘Because they forsook the Lord God of their fathers, who brought them out of the land of Egypt, and embraced other gods, and worshiped them and served them; therefore He has brought all this calamity on them.’”

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